Roman Empire Roman Gaul
-850 First Iron Age (or Hallstatt culture)
-753 Roman Monarchy  
-753 Rome founded by Romulus  
-753 Reign of Romulus  
-600   Marseille founded by the Phoenicians
-535 Reign of Tarquinius Superbus  
-450 Second Iron Age (La Tène culture)
-509 Roman Republic  
-390 Sack of Rome  
-200   Development of fortified hilltop settlements (
-146 Destruction of Carthage  
-122   Rome occupies
-121   Organisation of
-118   is renamed
80 Dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla  
-76   Marcus Fonteius serves as
-52   Julius Caesar defeats Vercingetorix at Alesia, completing his conquest of Gaul
-49   Julius Caesar lays siege to and conquers Massilia (Marseille) during the Roman Civil War
-43   Founding of Lugdunum (Lyon)
-39   First visit by Octavius
-36   Foundation of colonies for veterans at Béziers and Orange
-31 Roman Civil War  
-49 Caesar defeats Pompey  
-44 Caesar assassinated in Rome  
-31 Battle of Actium. Octavius defeats Antony and Cleopatra; Egypt becomes a Roman province  
-27   Administrative organisation of the province of
-27 Early Roman Empire  
-27 Octavius takes the name Augustus and becomes the first Roman emperor  
-20   Revolt of Florus and Sacrovir
-16   Augustus has a wall constructed around the colony of Nîmes
-15   Augustus visits Lyon, capital of Gaul. Organisation of the Gallic provinces of
9 The defeat of Varus and the end of the conquest of  
14 Death of Augustus. Tiberius becomes emperor.  
43 Roman conquest of Britain under Claudius  
48   Claudius wins permission from the Senate for elites from the Three Gauls to become Roman magistrates
54 Reign of Nero  
68   Revolt of Vindex against Nero
68 First crisis of the Empire  
70   Revolt of Civilis
77   Vespasian gives the proconsul in
81 Reign of Domitian  
92   Domitian's edict ordering the elimination of half of the grapevines in the provinces appears to have no effect
98 Reign of Trajan  
117 Reign of Hadrian  
0 Pax Romana  
193 Late Roman Empire (Late Antiquity)  
212 Edict of Caracalla granting full Roman citizenship to all free men in the Roman Empire  
235 Military uprising, first waves of Germanic invasions. Persecutions against Christians  
260   The Gallic Empire
270   Barbarian raids and political strife affect southern Gaul
284 Diocletian becomes emperor  
293 Diocletian introduces the Tetrarchy  
307   Trèves, capital of Gaul
306 Reign of Constantine  
313 Edict of Milan promulgated by the emperor Constantine proclaiming religious toleration in the Roman Empire  
314   First Christian council held at Arles
330 Founding of Constantinople  
337 The first Christian emperor  
361 Reign of Julian  
395   Arles, capital of Gauls
396   The prefecture for Gaul is transferred to Arles
395 Division of Roman Empire into East and West  
410 Rome captured by the Goths